I Really Don’t Want Anything For Christmas


I Really Don't Want Anything For Christmas

In the grand scheme of it all, the gifts are really meaningless. So that is why I don't actually want anything for Christmas this year, or any Christmas at all.
What do you get for a kid who says she doesn't want anything for Christmas? This is the. “I don't really want anything,” my daughter says every year. It's always .
I don't know how she will take that but just tell her you don't want anything this. . Or if you know she's really good at something, suggest she makes you that, .
I don't know lol I have everything I need and will probably be getting a job very soon.. commercialism that has saturated the holiday really turned me off.. I haven't asked for anything for Christmas, mainly because. well.
I feel weird going over to his house on Christmas without anything for him. want to feel obligated to give something in return when I can't really .

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